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Sunmeck embarked on its successful journey in the field of pharmaceutical sales and marketing in the year 2020 under the able a known pharma expert who has a vast experience in pharma leadership. Thanks to its sound base of customers worldwide, Sunmeck has established itself as the largest producer of Sildenafil Citrate and it aims to be the leader in all products it manufacturers. Focusing on its activities in R&D as well as building up newer facilities/ capacities to catch up with increasing demand year after year. Sunmeck Pharmaceuticals has 3 states of art Manufacturing Facilities spread over the Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh states of India. Supplying its products all over the globe from Unites States, Europe, Japan, Asia, and Latin America. Rakshit has also filed CEPs for its key products


To become the most valued Pharma partner by continuously offering quality medications for well- the being of every human in society.


To become a dependable partner of choice for pharmaceutical companies across the world


We conduct our business consistent with all applicable laws. We are honest in our interactions with customers, employees, partners, suppliers, competitors, and the communities we serve.


We pursue pharmaceutical innovation, provide high-quality products and strive to deliver superior business results.


we constantly work towards ensuring access to high quality medicines

We see medicines not just as molecules but as a means to help patients regain their health. As part of the pharmaceutical industry, we are aware of our role to ensure good health can be delivered to the needy.

Genesis of


Low Cost Medication

The latent need of offering low-cost medication but at par in quality with any other company led to the formation of SUNMECK PHARMA PRIVATE LIMITED

Effective Treatment

Sunmeck was founded to meet the very basic need for effective treatment modalities. Our success is the result of continuously meeting the needs

Continued Growth

We strive for continued growth and are avidly interested in learning about prospective opportunities in the specialty pharmaceutical market.


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